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Twenty Fifty

(Year Two Thousand Fifty)
José Alberto Juaristi Mendicute
176 páginas
ISBN: 978-84-16607-22-8
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The work, from an imaginary perspective and through his characters, covers three topics:

    • The way of life, human values ​​and technology in the year 2050.
    • The artificial self evolving and consequences of the loss of its control.
    • The beginning of an evolutionary path transhumanist-postbiological, and how the characters have to rethink their present and future from their new state.

To develop these arguments, fiction and utopia have been amalgamated with the latest philosophical, scientific and technological trends —trends taken as the reference horizon— and the conventional has been boldly transgressed where the dynamics of the story requires.
At first, the reader can feels be reading banalities, but as reading progresses will discover that, behind that apparent naivety, far reaching issues are exposed.
The work has been written in the style of fiction, because imagination transcends reality and drives it beyond the current utopias.
This is not a correct novel, this is a challenge.

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