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Periodontal prognosis

From conventional prognosis to survival expectancy
Pedro Martínez Canut
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328 páginas
ISBN: 978-84-19668-21-9
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This book on periodontal prognosis deals extensively with a particularly difficult area of our daily periodontal routine. When we are confronted by a patient with severe periodontitis, we ask: How do we assign prognosis to a particular tooth? What scientifically validated tools do we have at our disposal? What evidence is there behind the currently used prognosis indexes?

This book addresses the answers to these questions. It starts by assessing the research on periodontal prognosis and on the basis of this information the author, Prof. Pedro Martinez Canut, clearly distinguishes between the conventional and the alternative approach to periodontal prognosis and provides tools and guidance for the clinician.

The author has dedicated many years of his professional life to studying and researching the factors associated with successful long-term periodontal therapy and he has published several essential scientific articles that have provided the basis for this book. His contribution to this field clearly demonstrates not only his excellent background, but also that he has the academic spirit and teaching abilities that are needed to produce a book like this, which is not only scientifically comprehensive but is at the same time of practical relevance to students and professionals.

In summary, this book is clear, well-written and provides very useful and relevant content to support the dentist and the periodontist in providing modern periodontal care to their patients.


Mariano Sanz, MD, DDS, DrMed
Professor and Chairman of Periodontology
Faculty of Odontology, Complutense University of Madrid (Spain)

Sobre el autor/a

Dr. Pedro Martinez Canut, graduate in Medicine and Surgery, Faculty of Medicine of Valencia, 1981.

Specialist in Stomatology, School of Stomatology, Faculty of Medicine of Valencia, 1985

PhD in Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of Valencia, 1986.

Certificate in Periodontology, Columbia University, New York 1986-1988.

Professor of Periodontology, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Valencia, 1991 (ceased in 2000) and founder of the Postgraduate Course in Periodontology at the same Faculty.

Author of international publications, author of two pioneering textbooks on periodontal prognosis, and contributor to other dental textbooks.

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