Portada del libro Unravelling the causes of autism, adrenal fatigue

Unravelling the causes of autism, adrenal fatigue

Katia Dolle
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164 páginas
ISBN: 978-84-19384-17-1
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Based on two decades of research and practical experience within naturopathic science, the author has unraveled, one by one, the theoretical and practical keys to understanding and resolving the unknowns that have led to incorrectly defining autism as a condition, and therefore as an unexplained and incurable disorder. In this book you will find answers to unanswered questions , about the origin, causes and approach of autism and other developmental disorders, thus demonstrating that "if you know where to look, you get the right answers."It offers an essential information for affected and professionals, where the author demonstrates that there are scientific explanations for the symptoms of autism, which are usually ignored, focusing on detailing mainly one of them: the adrenal fatigue.


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Katia Dolle, naturopath and researcher, is dedicated to the method-based naturopathic approach to autism, ADHD, and other developmental disorders. Author of the book Recovering from autism with the Katia Dolle Method, revealing the causes through five testimonies.


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