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Seven Levels of English (2ª edición)

Donald Mason
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118 páginas
ISBN: 978-84-17256-58-6
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This book will show you how to divide conversation into the seven areas which govern human experience and consciousness.
As a teacher of English as a second language, would you like to stop worrying about what to talk about in class?
Would you like to help your students to develop a method for organizing the vocabulary in their minds?
Would you like your conversation classes to be more creative and dynamic?
Would you like to help your students to achieve more than just learning how to speak English?
If you are not a teacher, would you like to develop your different levels of consciousness?
Would you like to increase your linguistic intelligence?
Would you like to increase you emotional intelligence?
If you feel identified with any of these questions, this book will help you.


Sobre el autor/a

Donald Mason has been teaching English in Spain for almost thirty years. He started out as a teacher and course coordinator at the Lenvi School of Languages in Barcelona and finally ended up being the director of one of school’s branches.
In 1997, he moved to Cunit, a town in the province of Tarragona. He then started his own school of languages called Academia d’anglès Donald where he had the freedom and opportunity to test the techniques and contents presented in this book. He later taught at the IDIADA laboratory in El Vendrell, Tarragona. He now works as a teacher, teacher trainer and independent researcher, giving lectures and conducting language teacher workshops.
Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Mason speaks English (his mother tongue), Creole (also his mother tongue) French, Spanish and Catalan. He is also able to ‘defend himself’ in Italian, German, Chinese, and Portuguese.
He received a diploma as a licensed practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming at the Gestalt Institute in Barcelona in 2005. He did his master’s degree in Neurolinguistic Programming at the Catalan Institute of Neurolinguistic Programming. As one of the pioneers of Accelerated Learning, Quantum linguistics and Metalinguistics in Spain, Mason has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life to achieve their dreams which range from simply learning to carry out a simple conversation in English, to obtaining an official diploma.
He has written two books and several articles, some of which have been published in prestigious scientific magazines like Edulearn.
This book is the fruit of almost three decades of research on the teaching of English as a foreign language, and on the nature of language itself and how to teach it effectively.

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