Portada del libro A Healthy and Happy Marriage

A Healthy and Happy Marriage

A Guide to Improving Life's Most Important Relationship
Marta López-Jurado Puig
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128 páginas
ISBN: 978-84-16049-01-1
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This book is written for those who want to be protagonists of their own life. It is written for those who are willing to improve communications with their wife or husband; for those who are protagonists of a love story, holding in their hands a blank book: they will be able to either write in it the finest episodes ever told, or to suffer the most painful failure. They are the writers and actors of the novel that they themselves narrate and build with their own free decisions. This book contribuites to clarify the reader's thinking, while giving clear guidelines and simple behaviour which, put into practice, could prevent or solve problems of relationship in couples.

Sobre el autor/a

Marta Lopez-Jurado Puig  holds a PhD in Philosophy and Education, also Family Mediator. She is a Professor at the Universidad Nacional a Distancia. She also performs research and guidance in the field of family, in which she's a frequent speaker as well as author of several publications as Derechos humanos, familia y educación (2005) La decisión correcta (2010) La mediación como profesión, algo más que una técnica (2010), Educación para el S.XXI (2011), etc.

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