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From home to everywhere

Ana María Marín Delgado

Ensayo, 64 páginas

ISBN: 978-84-16823-60-4

PVP (papel): 10 €


  • Leaving your home country is never easy. When people experience this, they face some good and not so good experiences. With this book, I would like to share with all of you some of my experiences that I have lived since I left my home country. Meeting new people, knowing new places, studying new things and getting used to all the changes. What a foreigner should and shouldn´t experience when the adventure of living abroad begins. Some good and some other not so good experiences.

  • ana-maria-marin-delgado

    Ana María Marín Delgado was born in Venezuela, where she grew up and studied a Bachelor Degree in Law. Also, she worked in several Jobs. Her real adventure began when she left her home country to become a foreigner in others. There, she has also worked and completed an MBA program. She has always been interested in writing a book. From home to everywhere is her first work about her different experiences she has faced since she left her beloved homeland. Several countries, several moving in and outs and a lot of good and bad experiences. What a foreigner should and shouldn’t experience while living abroad. Everyone knows that leaving their home country is never easy and people start collecting and living a lot of experiences in this process. Here are some of them.